SARTELL -- A County Road dividing two cities could soon be under the microscope to see if cars are driving too fast.

The county is looking to conduct a speed study for County Road 120, between Highway 15 and Veterans Drive, after receiving a handful of calls from residents concerned motorists are driving too fast.

County Engineer Jodi Teich says a speed study was last done for the stretch of road in 2002, but before they can move forward they need approval from both Sartell and St. Cloud.

Once we know that, the county board would adopt a resolution, then we would pass that on to MnDOT. Their engineers will take a look at what 85 percent or more of the traffic travels at and what's changed since the last speed study has been done.

The current speed limit is 45 mph. Teich says the study could take a year before a recommendation is made to lower, raise or keep the same speed.

It's a process that takes some time, it doesn't happen over night. The engineers that do these studies have to do this in addition to all of the other work they do for the state on the state highways in this district.

Teich says before the county can move forward with the speed study, both Sartell and St. Cloud needs to approve the request.

The Sartell city council will look to approve the speed study request during Monday's meeting.

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