ST. CLOUD -- Janelle Kendall is a Stearns County Attorney by day and musician by night. She performs lead vocals in a local band she started with her family called, Walter's Wheelhouse.

The group performed for a crowd at SummerTime By George last night (Wednesday).

Kendall says she has been playing the guitar since she was seven-years-old. She started performing publicly after she finished law school. She sang in a group called BLT at the 400 Club.

Kendall says she left the group after four years because her day job began to take up more time.

Kendall's family performed for their church for many years. Her two sons, Alex and Andrew Kendall were part of the St. John's Boys Choir. When Alex and Andrew got older Kendall decided to form a family band.

Kendall says, "everybody has to stop working sometime. My job is twenty-four-seven. My phone is right here in my pocket. If the sheriff calls I won't answer it in the middle of a song, but I will know."

The band practices one night a week and on weekends. Guitar player, Dan Witte says sometimes it gets hard to plan around Kendall's busy schedule but she can usually make practice work.

Walter's Wheelhouse performs a variety of classic and modern country songs as well as some light rock.

The group has performed in Freeport for Township Officers as well as Fishers bar in Avon.

Kendall says they are looking for a full-time base player and more singers to perform vocal harmonies.

See a video of Walter's Wheelhouse below.