ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- A St. Paul woman is charged with sex trafficking, promoting prostitution, and receiving profits from prostitution in Stearns County.

The Central Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force began an investigation at the end of June after responding to an online ad. The officer learned the victim was at the Grandstay Hotel and she provided them room number.

The officer spoke with an employee of the hotel who informed them that the room was registered to 34-year-old Shaqouia Hoffman.

The officer watched as a man in a pickup arrived at the hotel and went inside the room without any luggage. The man returned a short time later and was confronted by police. The man confirmed he had paid for sex and that there were two women in the room at the time.

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A search warrant on the room led investigators to the victim. She denied texting any men about the ad and said she had only texted Hoffman. She said Hoffman had set up the appointments.

As the investigation continued, the officer learned other men had paid for sex with the victim, that Hoffman was taking the profits, that Hoffman was communicating with sex buyers and the victim was engaging in prostitution.

Hoffman is being held in the Stearns County Jail and is awaiting her first court appearance. She is also charged with felony drug possession from a separate investigation.

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