ST. JOSEPH -- St. Joseph is attempting to curb the problem of unwanted newspapers and printed ads winding up in the street and on sidewalks.

The city is trying to make sure "Commerical Handbills", like the Shopping News, Newspapers and "Noncommercial Handbills" are delivered directly to those who want them. Instead of being tossed into random driveways and porches.

Essentially the ordinance would prohibit the delivery of these in the public "right of way".

The ordinance has been proposed by Councilmember Dale Wick, who's received several complaints about it. He says the ordinance can help the city tackle a few issues with unwanted papers.

"They [can] end up in the sewer, get in the stormwater systems, it's also a public safety issue. If there winds up being three or four sitting outside [a home] people know, someone's probably not home."

Wick says they wouldn't be the first town to do pass this type of ordinance.

"I know that other cities have done something with this. I researched to try and figure out exactly what other cities have done, and it's gone through a legal review here."

The city says they've tried to fix the issue several times, to no avail.

The council appeared in favor of the ordinance, however, couldn't pass it Monday night. By law, it must be publically displayed online or in a legal ad for ten days, that they intend to pass the ordinance. This will allow for public input before a final decision is made June 4.

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