ST. CLOUD - For many model railroad enthusiasts, the train show allows them to connect with a passion they discovered as a kid.

While at the St. Cloud Train Show, people got dressed up in overall's and a conductor hat to commune with people who share a common interest in model trains.

For people who share a interest in model trains in St. Cloud the Granity City O-Gaugers have become a place to share their passion more than at the occasional show.

The model railroad club dedicates itself to the promotion and enjoyment of its hobby. At the show the club put their passion on display with the largest interactive model railroad.

Mike Staller of the Granite City O-Gaugers picked up the hobby as a kid. Staller says the group helps people build friends through sharing a similar hobby.

"We share alike ideas, we get together once a month and are able to build a comradery with one another."

Mike is keeping the tradition of model railroading alive by passing his passion onto his kids.

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