ST. CLOUD -- With the snow we had on Monday, St. Cloud continues to trend above average for this winter season, but we're still far from having a top 10 year.

The National Weather Service says we officially had 2.2 inches of snow in St. Cloud on Monday.

We're now at 4.8 inches of snow so far in the month of March. The National Weather Service says the average snowfall for us is 4.4 inches so far in the month.

So far for the season, we're at 45.3 inches of snow.   Normal amounts of snow so far would be 39.3 inches, so we are trending six inches above normal.

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We'd have to get up to 66.9 inches of snow in order to crack the top 10 snowiest seasons in St. Cloud.  That happened twice in the 1968-69 winter and again in the 1978-79 winter.

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