ST. CLOUD -- A couple of St. Cloud parks are getting some upgrades this summer thanks to that land sale to Costco back in 2018.

When the city sold 18 acres of Heritage Park the city council set aside $1 million of the sale proceeds to be used for neighborhood park improvements.

In 2019 the city used nearly $303,000 of that money at Concord Park, Woodland Hills Park and Cherry Park, as well as the Westwood Park Way Trail.

Photo by's Jim Maurice

The next phase of the park improvements was supposed to happen last year but were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now the city is ready to move forward with projects and improvements to Centennial Park and Rotary West Park for parking, tennis courts, basketball courts, site improvements and furnishings. Park lighting will also be provided to Rotary West Park. The low bid for this year's round of improvements came it at just over $592,000.

The Rotary Club of St. Cloud has also provided a donation of $20,000 for the Rotary West Park.

Photo by's Jim Maurice

Centennial Park has about 12.5 acres and was established in 1956.  Rotary Park has five acres and was established in 1969.

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