ST. CLOUD -- Felony domestic assault and terroristic threats charges have been filed against a St. Cloud man after an incident with his live-in girlfriend Saturday.

Court records show the woman called police to report a domestic assault but hung up multiple times for fear of what her boyfriend may do. Officers went to the apartment building in the 3000 block of West St. Germain Street sometime in the late afternoon hours and made contact with the couple.

The woman said 61-year-old David Delano had been drinking for three days and was acting strangely. She said at one point Delano picked up a hammer, walked toward her and said he was going to beat her to death.

Records show she picked up a knife, but Delano took it away. As the two were struggling for control of the hammer, Delano swept her legs from under her and pinned her to the ground by putting his knee on her neck. She was able to kick Delano in the groin to get him off.

Delano then allegedly asked her if she learned her lesson and said he loved her.

Police say Delano told them he had learned the woman was cheating on him and he asked her to leave the apartment before going to sleep. He said he awoke to the woman hitting him with a hammer. Police say the redness and injuries to the woman were consistent with her version of the events.

Delano has a prior conviction of making threats from March and violating an order for protection in 2016. He is due in court on the new charges May 31st.