ST. CLOUD -- Another escape room is making its way to St. Cloud, Riddlers Escape. The St. Cloud city council approved the second escape room business to move into the area.

An escape room puts a group of people in a room, the group must solve puzzles and riddles to escape the room and the catch is, it's timed typically a group gets an hour to escape.

Owner, Amie Kirby says Riddlers Escape will put a twist on the classic escape rooms most people have been in, sometimes the goal won't be to escape the room.

"In our rooms the ultimate goal may vary it may not be that you are trying to escape the room, there may be other goals along the way, this is why our tag line is, It's More Than Just an Escape it's because we're offering more services than just trying to escape."

Kirby says participants may have to solve a crime scenario or other mystery to beat the game, so then goal becomes how to solve the problem verses how to escape the room.

Riddlers Escape will have two different themed rooms, with a maximum of 8 players per room.

"One of our rooms is a Sherlock Holmes detective room, there's quite a few secrets, some surprises, some things that you won't expect will happen. The other room that we have is a cabin in the woods [theme], a serial killer room."

Kirby didn't want to reveal too many details about each room but she says players will be shocked and find the scenarios challenging but entertaining.

Kirby says they will be testing the rooms this weekend and they plan to open Friday, September 9. You must be at least 13-years-old to play.

Riddlers Escape will be in the Northgate Shopping Center at 510 25th Avenue North.

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