ST. CLOUD -- The Minnesota National Guard Readiness Center, formerly known as the armory, has undergone some major upgrades over the last year-and-a-half.

The Minnesota National Guard received $4.5-million in state bonding money back in 2018 to go toward their $6.5-milllion renovation project to help bring the 60-year-old building up-to-date to meet today's standards.

Project Manager Lois Erickson says the interior of the building was gutted and reconfigured to better support the 300 soldier's and other groups that utilize the facility.

Key renovation areas included relocating the main entrance to the east side of the building, installing several new updated bathrooms and locker rooms, a renovated kitchen space, new paint and carpeting and making the building more energy efficient.

Erickson says they were also able to a gain an additional 1,900 square-feet to the building when they infilled the old north entrance and west courtyard to create additional office space.

While there are some finishing touches that need to take place, Erickson says soldiers will return to the St. Cloud location starting Monday after previously working in Little Falls and St. Joseph.

The St. Cloud Armory was built back in 1960.

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