HOLDINGFORD -- While school is out for the summer, construction continues to move along for the Holdingford School District.

The renovations began back in November, as part of the district's $11.14-million bond referendum to make improvements to the schools.

Superintendent Chris Swenson says one key area of work is expanding the main entrance into the high school.

We want this to be a meeting space for students during the day and for events. We have a new concession stand going in, more seating and a new secure entrance.

Swenson says they are also renovating a lunchroom, restructuring the parking lot to better pick-up/drop-off services, and adding a new secure entrance, playground and additional classrooms in the elementary school.

One part of the plan was to add six new classrooms, four for kindergarten and two for preschool. This portion now connects the elementary to the middle school.

Swenson says while the coronavirus did cause a few headaches to the end of their school year, it did provide construction crews with a month head start in some of the renovations.

If all goes well the construction is expected to wrap up in time for the new school year.

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