ST. JOSEPH -- As technology becomes a vital role in the way students learn, and college campuses are using that information to renovate historic buildings to meet today's teaching needs.

The College of St. Benedict has been going through several years of remodels to make their older buildings more learning friendly.

Ryan Gideon is the Executive Director of Facilities. He says when you're looking at these types of renovations it can become challenging to decide what stays from the past.

It was a two year process to do the work. We ran into a lot of structural issues with the buildings but we knew we received these buildings from the sisters and we needed to preserve the fabric of these buildings.

The Henrita Academic Building was the first building renovation, which completed last summer. The Main Building, which dates back to the late 1800s, wrapped up its renovations in August.

Both buildings now have new technology in the classrooms, modern furniture in the student lounge areas and a lot of natural lighting.

Academic Dean Barbara May says the faculty played a major role when it came to the upgrades.

So counting on faculty to have understood what those students needs are and what their programs are doing to deliver those needs was a big help.

The Clemens Library also got a major upgrade this summer. The building transformed from its typical books, periodicals and librarians to a technology focus building with 3D printing, study spaces, IT desk and Career Services area.

We saw a need with the open space we had available to put other departments in the building that we wanted to have a central face with the students. By putting them on this thoroughfare we've been able to accomplish that.

Gideon says all the newly renovated spaces have really excited the students and faculty and have been a welcomed addition to this historic campus.

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