ST. PAUL -- Several local projects have made it into Minnesota Governor Tim Walz's state bonding proposal. The Governor unveiled the four and final piece of his bonding plan Wednesday, which he calls the "public safety and quality of life" part of the proposal.

He is recommending $12.15 million for St. Cloud's plan to renovate, expand, and improve the Municipal Athletic Complex. The total cost of the project is estimated at $24.3 million.

He is recommending $1.37 million to the city of Rockville for the ROCORI Trail Phase 3, which will complete the connection of Richmond, Cold Spring, and Rockville. The total cost for that project is $2.55 million.

He is also recommending $4 million to St. Joseph to help them build the new Jacob Wetterling Recreation Center. The total project cost is $16 million. A second bonding for St. Joseph for $300,000 for a parking lot, canoe access, and new bathrooms at East Park, which will become a regional park. The total cost is $600,000.

The total cost for the Governor's bonding bill will be around $2 billion, however, Republican leaders in the Senate would prefer to spend around $1 billion.

The State Legislative session starts on February 11th.

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