ST. CLOUD -- The idea of creating a new Mississippi River crossing on the south end of St. Cloud is not a new one, but there seems to be a renewed effort to make it a reality.

The city and the Area Planning Organization are looking at funding a bridge crossing study at 33rd Street South, connecting County Road 75 and Highway 10.

City Planning Director Matt Glaesman says they did do a study back in 2005, but that didn't result in a new bridge.

Well, it's an expensive project.  We knew that back in 2005 and we still know that today, but in the midst of all that what happened was an economic downturn where we simply didn't see a lot of platting in the St. Cloud metropolitan area meaning new growth, but now we are seeing those growth areas just beyond the perimeter.

Glaesman says it is estimated a new southside bridge crossing could see up to 40,000 trips a day.

Monday night the St. Cloud City Council approved their share of the study, the APO is expected to take a vote in a few weeks. The corridor and environmental impact study alone could cost up to $300,000.  Glaesman says the study could take at least a year to complete.

Extending the road and creating the bridge would probably exceed $100 million. He says creating the alignment of a Mississippi River crossing at 33rd Street South connecting County 75 and Highway 10 would take partners at all levels of government.

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