ST. CLOUD -- Winter came on in a big way Monday as much of Minnesota experienced heavy snowfall -- including over three inches in the St. Cloud area.

The snow storm started during rush hour, making road conditions difficult for drivers like Erin Godin of St. Cloud.

"[The roads] are awful," Godin says. "The snow is completely covering the concrete and there's no grip -- you just slide everywhere."

Driving conditions on I-94 were poor throughout the day, as one truck driver who came down from Fargo said he averaged a speed of only 45 miles per hour.

Despite the adverse conditions, many drivers said they didn't see too many serious accidents on the road.

"Thankfully, people seem to be taking it seriously and slowing down," Godin says. "So that's a plus."

For the day, St. Cloud accumulated about 3.7 inches of snow but the winter weather advisory is expected to continue until midnight Tuesday.


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON
Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON


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