Well, winter is here, there's no doubt about that.  It was the first winter storm of the season and as usual there was huge number of accidents around the region.  While driving back from Fargo to St. Cloud today down I-94, I encountered at least 10 separate accidents (see photos below).

Speeds were very limited, the worst patch seemed to be from Alexandria to St. Cloud.  Often I was driving 35 mph or less in some spots, but of course there were the brave ones who flew by me going 60 or better.  After I got a taste of how slick it was I had no problem slowing way down, it was very dangerous driving today and will continue to be throughout the night as we are officially still under a Winter Storm Warning.


One of the worst accidents was this flipped over SUV near Paynesville, MN. (Doug Groff, 98 Country)
This SUV entered the ditch and nearly missed the guard rail near New Munich, MN. (Doug Groff, 98 Country)
Vehicles in the ditch around West Union, MN. (Doug Groff, 98 Country)
This SUV ended up in the wrong direction. (Doug Groff, 98 Country)