COLLEGEVILLE -- A sea of red and roaring cheers could be found on the campus of St. John's University in Collegeville today (Thursday) as the SportsCenter "On The Road" bus pulled in for this weekends game.

St. John's students Andrew McGee, Noel Teigen and Treyton Brochardtsays the campus has been electric all week.

Students cheer as ESPN rolls into town. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

"It's so exciting, like if it's on a scale of ten, it's 100 out of ten right now," says Teigen.

"You wouldn't expect this from a Division III atmosphere but it's totally worth it," says Broachart.

The "On the Road" show will broadcast live from Clemens Stadium at 6:00 a.m. Saturday.

College of St. Benedict's students Maggie Young and Emma Backes say they will be waiting at the gates bright and early.

"Yes we will be out at the gate at 4:45 a.m. and be there the entire time from tailgate to kickoff," says Young.

School officials have been trying to bring ESPN to town since 2003 and students say they won't regret their visit.

"We are so excited to share the Division III level because this is honestly one of the best atmosphere's in college football," says Backes.

And as for who will win the game their is only one clear cut answer -- the Johnnies.

"I got the Johnnies 24-20 on a game winning touchdown in the fourth quarter," says McGee.

Undefeated St. John's and St. Thomas square off at 1:00 p.m. Saturday at Clemens Stadium.

Students at SJU/CSB cheer as the SportsCenter bus pulls into campus. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)