ST. CLOUD -- A national organization is reminding senior residents the importance of getting out an serving their communities.

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AmeriCorps Seniors works with over 5,000 non-profit, faith-based and community organizations across the country to provide volunteer opportunities for anyone 55-years or older.

Tauna Quimby is with the St. Cloud Area RSVP Program. She says AmeriCorps provides the blueprint for how their local programs operate.

AmeriCorps as a national program provides us additional tools and resources to run an effective program to make sure we are meeting both the federal and community needs.

RSVP, Senior Companions and the Foster Grandparent programs are three St. Cloud based organizations that fall under the AmeriCorps Seniors umbrella.

Sara Heurung is with the Foster Grandparent program and says there is still a great need to recruit senior volunteers.

We actually had a number of principals that called us and said they need more senior volunteers next year. We want more help for our teachers in our classrooms and many students will need that help. So we are definitely recruiting.

Heurung says there are multiple ways for seniors to volunteer whether it's helping a child learn to read, deliver groceries to an elderly neighbor, or support a family impacted by a natural disaster.

If you're interested in volunteering your time you can reach out to the organizations directly or visit the AmeriCorps Seniors website.


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