ST. CLOUD -- A handful of St. Cloud State University students are currently having a once-in-a-lifetime experience in England.

The students are currently studying at the Alnwick Castle in the United Kingdom, experiencing first-hand the death of Queen Elizabeth II. St. Cloud State University offers the only British Studies minor in Minnesota.

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SCSU Professor Emil Towner says Alnwick has been one of the university's most popular programs, with over 4,000 students going through the program.

He says they've had to adjust some of the previous plans due to the Queens passing.

We've had a number of venues shut down, a lot of the country is in mourning. We've brought in some British faculty talking with the students about the significance of this, as well as have them walking the streets to absorb this moment.

Towner says the students are aware that this is an historic moment in their lives and will be something they will remember forever.

They've been here for just a few weeks and have seen change people haven't seen in 70 years. They've experienced the death of a queen, the transfer of power to a new king, and even a transition to a new prime minister. They are watching history unfold before their eyes.

He says over the next few months the students will walk the streets, absorb what's happening and always remember where they were during this historic time.

The Alnwick Castle the students are staying all also happens to be the same castle featured in the first two Harry Potter movies.


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