SAUK RAPIDS -- Sauk Rapids' city council is ready to hire a professional to help them redesign a couple of their parks along the Mississippi River. During Monday's meeting, the council is expected to hire landscape architect company Confluence to create a plan for Southside and Lions Parks.

Council Member Ellen Thronson says nothing has been decided yet, but they have a few ideas that they'd like the architects to incorporate.

We have talked about a splash pad in the past, but we're looking at some different water features that are going to be sort of interactive for children and families to come down and play in during the hot summer months, and have it be a focal point when it's a little cooler or during the evening.

Thronson says other ideas include upgrades to their bathrooms, a meeting space for the community to use, and better lighting along the walking paths.

She says the city council would like to start working on the upgrades as soon as this spring.

No budget has been set yet, but it could be as much as a $5 million project using half-cent sales tax dollars.

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