SAUK RAPIDS -- Sauk Rapids is looking at selling some land that they had been holding onto for a potential future municipal liquor store.

The city bought the lot on Goldenspike Road for $375,000 back in June of 2012. However, Community Development Director Todd Schultz says with no other new development in that area, the city's liquor committee is recommending selling the lot.

Its been about six years now and none of the other lots have moved yet, so in the committee's point of view, they are thinking it would be in the best interest of the city to start marketing the lot and put it back in the hands of the private sector.  And then if and when the city believes it's appropriate for the city to consider a second liquor store in that location we would look at what options available at that time.

Schultz says it wouldn't make financial sense to open a liquor store without other businesses nearby.

We commissioned a study 6-7 years ago that indicated that if there was other commercial development in that area a second liquor store financially would be a good investment for the city, but without that other commercial development, it probably wouldn't be a good investment for the community.

Schultz says some property just to the north of the city-owned land was recently sold to developers who are planning a mix of high-end townhomes and commercial retail. He says that project could come before the city council in the next few months.

He says, if the area starts to get developed, the city could consider buying a different lot in that area.

During Monday's city council meeting Schultz will be asking the council for authorization to start marketing the property. He says he's hoping to break even on a sale.

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