SAUK RAPIDS -- It is often said that fences make good neighbors, however, if you live in Sauk Rapids it just might depend on the type of fence your neighbor puts up.

During Monday night's meeting, the Sauk Rapids city council will hold a public hearing in an effort to limit what is considered acceptable fencing.

Right now the city ordinance only says you can't put up a barb wire fence.

Some of the recommendations the council will consider include that fences must be ornamental or picket style, the fence must be made of lumber, iron, maintenance free type material.

Materials that would be prohibited for fences included bar wire and electric fences, razor wire, chicken wire, or deer fencing.

In addition, all wood fences would need to be sealed, stained or painted. The fence would also need to be maintained and not allowed to become in a condition of disrepair.

The fence issue has come up because a fence was recently put up in a residential neighborhood that appeared out of place and more fitting in an agricultural area. That fence would be grandfathered in, and the new code would not apply to it, but new language in the city ordinance would prevent similar fences from getting installed.

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