SARTELL -- A Sartell resident is hoping the city reconsiders their ordinance on short-term rental services in residential neighborhoods.

Julie Meyer has always had a passion for traveling, and loves to stay at an Airbnb when she does.

"I've only had good luck with Airbnb's. Financially they are a more inexpensive option then hotels and they work better for what I want," says Meyer.

An Airbnb is an online network system where property owners rent out a portion of their home to traveling guests. Something Meyer thought she would try in her home.

"My daughter suggested I list the lower level of my home on the Airbnb website because I just wasn't utilizing my home," says Meyer.

Meyer opened the Airbnb earlier this summer and was booked the following day. However in October Meyer was told from the city she was in violation of an ordinance.

"When I applied for my license I told the Fire Marshall my intentions for the space. I don't see how this is different then the house next to me that is a rental house," says Meyer.

According to a Sartell ordinance rental property is defined as property leased by one person to another for residential purposes, but does not include short-term guests like you would see in hotels and motels.

"When I got the letter from the city, I pursued this and wrote them back asking the city council to consider changing the ordinance to allow for short-term guests in Sartell," says Meyer.

Last month the council voted to conduct more research on Airbnb's and to develop amended language in the ordinance to be brought before a public hearing at a future date.

"I do feel the council is open minded and know that times are changing," says Meyer.

Meyer says no official date for the hearing has been scheduled but says she is hopeful the council will amend the current ordinance.


(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)
(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)

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