SARTELL -- Questions over allowing short-term rental services, such as bed and breakfast in residential neighborhoods, was brought for discussion during Monday's Sartell City Council meeting.

Last month, the city was made aware of a Airbnb operating on a residential zoned property, which was in violation of city ordinance, and asked the owner to cease operations.

Julie Meyer has been running the Airbnb out of the lower portion of her home since July after receiving her residential rental license.

An Airbnb is an online networking system that allows a property owner to rent out a portion of their home to guests.

In a letter to the city, Meyer says when the fire marshall inspected her home she mentioned her intentions and at the time there was not an issue, however the city sees it differently.

Currently, Sartell's rental ordinance defines rental property as any real property or dwelling rented or leased by one person to another for residential purposes, including houses, apartments, and townhomes, but does not include hotels or motels.

Meyer continued to state she would like to see the ordinance amended to allow for single listing, short-term rentals in Sartell.

Development Director Anita Archambeau says short term rentals have become a popular trend in many communities and city codes need to be updated to allow for this type of activity in residential zones.

She adds St. Cloud has a similar ordinance in it's historical neighborhoods and St. Joseph is looking at something similar with the colleges nearby.

After further discussion the council unanimously voted to have staff conduct more research on the topic and develop amended language in the ordinance which would be brought before a public hearing at a future council meeting.

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