ST. CLOUD -- WJON's Rush Hour show keeps the "Rookie of the Week" rolling, and this week, we brought in a husband and wife couple, in their first year of residency at St. Cloud Hospital.

Siri and Adei Shaqra are 1st-year residents, who just finished medical school, on their way to becoming family-medicine practitioners. Adei Shaqra says he got his motivation to jump into medicine thanks to a love of science, and Siri Shaqra shares that, but adds to hers with a strong family tie.

"I'd see my grandpa all of growing up being able to touch the lives of people through this really interesting form of science, and so it was a natural coupling of those passions that led me to medicine."

Adei Shaqra says the life of a first-year resident is a hectic one, with a lot of people to help, and a lot to learn.

"Mostly we go through rotations, whether they're two or four-week rotations on surgery or pediatrics, the point is to get you as much experience with as many different patient populations as you can."

The Shaqra's may be rookies but have some very important advice to give to anyone thinking about getting into medicine. Siri Shaqra says it's best to make sure you know you absolutely want to be in the field.

"It's a long journey, and I think it's one you want be sure you want to do. So shadowing, getting experience volunteering or admin office with some exposure to medicine is helpful."

Adei Shaqra wants to remind anyone thinking about medicine that it's important to maintain a personal life.

"Be diligent about your time especially. If you don't plan to have free-time, plan for things, family, you just won't have that time in medicine."

Each week Rush Hour hosts Chrissy Gaetke and Richard Leguil take a look at someone who's a "rookie" in their field, where they're from, what they're doing and what advice they have for others considering the career choice.

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