ST. CLOUD -- A trendy men's and women's clothing store is planning to close nearly 400 of its stores nationwide.

Rue21 has decided to close unprofitable locations and focus on its online business.

A spokesperson for the company tells WJON,  "As part of our ongoing business transformation into a more cost efficient operator, we are closing unprofitable stores across our fleet in order to focus on our many hundreds of highly profitable locations. The exact number and timing of these closings will be determined in the coming weeks.”

Crossroads Center General Manager Darcy Eigen says St. Cloud's Rue21 is not expected to close.

"Crossroads Center’s Rue 21 is not on the list to close," says Eigen.

Depending on the exact number of location closures, the company would still be left with about 700 stores in 48 states.

This story was written with information from the Associated Press. 

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