ROYALTON -- Just off Highway 10 is the small town of Royalton, which once had a very big past. That history can now be found inside city hall, which houses their local museum.

Barb Gangl is the local historian, she says the museum started in the 1950s with the help of a small fire truck.

So Dr McGonagle and leaves it sit outside and it's getting in bad shape. So he sells it to a farmer. Then the museum gets built, McGonagle goes back out there and wants to buy it back. The farmer says he can't have it. So talks go on for month and eventually McGonagle pays twice what he sold it for to get it back so he could put it in the museum.

From there she says photos, artifacts and more began to fly in. Now the stories of the past, can be heard on the museum walls.

Gangl says there are many stories of Royalton residents who’ve played critical roles throughout central Minnesota.

When the DeZuriks were starting their company they couldn't get their valve to work. They came to a local resident and he got it to work. They (DeZuriks) Patton it and come back to him saying you need to get your name on it. He turns them down and says that's what friends do.

She says the museum continues to be a popular place to visit, especially to gather family history. The city is even working on collecting current history to preserve for generations to come.

The Splash Park, the new water tower, the school, there is photographs and write ups for all of that just for the next generation.

The Royalton Museum is open the first Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.