ST. CLOUD -- The St. Cloud Rotary Club is planning on a full concert season for Summertime By George.

Entertainment Chair Troy Fritz says they are moving forward with plans to start the 10-week concert series on Wednesday, June 9th.

The big thing is we're just not sure what that will look like, and I think in April and in May we'll find out a lot more information.  How vaccinations are fitting into that equation, what the limitations are going to be, and so on.  So, the tentative starting date would be June, 9th and we are hopeful that we can do it at that point.

Fritz says the Rotary Club is working with the city's parks department to work on ways to regulate crowd size. With the Governor's announcement on Friday, right now outdoor crowd sizes are allowed up to 10,000 people, however, Summertime By George in the past has exceeded that number regularly.

The official announcement of the music line-up is coming in May, but Fritz says it will be the same line-up that was scheduled for last season which was canceled.

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