ROCKVILLE (WJON News) - The mayor of Rockville has been censured again by the city council.

During Wednesday night's meeting the council voted to include additional restrictions to Mayor Duane Willenbring's current censure, after employees have claimed he went beyond his authority.

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Council member Brian Herberg says several employees have threatened to quit if things do not change.

When we have situations that have been presented and are developing in front of us we need to step up and take a look at this.

The additional censureship would restrict his dealings at city hall except for council meetings.

Willenbring expressed his displeasure with the council for not handling the situation internally.

I think we should have gone into a closed meeting as I am an employee of the city of Rockville and I have the right to decided if I want to be taken through the ringer in front of the public.

Willenbring was previously censured by the council back in 2019 restricting his dealings with the fire department for similar claims.


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