Last month St. Cloud State University President Dr. Robbyn Wacker reportedly stepped down as President a month before she was expected.  Turns out that wasn't true.  She joined me on WJON this week.  Wacker indicated she is still President until June 30.  She explains...

I stepped aside and delegated to a great group of team leaders at SCSU who are going to be here after I depart.

The group delegated by Wacker made the recommendation to suspend numerous programs as reported by WJON. Over the next five years, the university will be suspending 42 major programs and 50 minor programs.  Wacker indicates based on her ethical principles she felt those who intend to be at SCSU during the upcoming academic year should make the decisions on what programs and positions are cut due to the University's budget shortfall.

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Wacker says she's been working on the transition to help interim President, Larry Dietz who will start at SCSU July 1.  She will continue to represent the University until the end of June which will include a presence at the upcoming Lemonade Concert and Art Fair June 27 at St. Cloud State.

President Wacker has been at SCSU for 6 years and recalls her top 2 objections when she was hired.  The two were to grow enrollment and fix their budgetary problems.  She explains they've had 5 years of budgetary cuts and reductions.  Wacker believes the decisions made to reduce the budget will put the University on a better path financially.  She says enrollment has seen an increase as well.  SCSU's fall 2023 enrollment was 10,043 students.  Wacker says approximately 2,000 students lived on campus during the 2023-2024 school year.

Wacker isn't sure what is next for her but she plans to move back to Colorado where she still has a home.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Dr. Wacker, it is available below.


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