WAITE PARK -- A popular summer event was held inside on a much smaller scale this weekend. Thunder Road RC Raceway and HobbyTown held their fourth RC Demolition Derby.

The event featured multiple heats, just like a full-scale demolition derby. Mark Miller helped start it up last summer. He says they moved inside to avoid the winter weather.

We did a couple last summer just out front in the parking lot, and then now that it’s winter we can’t run in the parking lot because it’s frigid outside. So, I talked them into doing one inside.

The derby was open to racers of all ages and included qualifying heats, a feature round, consolation round, and king of the hill. Miller says he enjoys being able to share the hobby with his kids.

I like it because I can do it with my kids, and the kids can be just as competitive as the adults can.


Nearly 30 cars participated. In addition to the derby, the raceway and obstacle courses were open to RC drivers.

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