SAUK RAPIDS - Mud, mangled cars and thousands of people at the Benton County Fair can only mean one thing, It's demolition derby time.

Saturday night dozens of cars entered the grand stand and all of them exited with a few extra dings on the car.

Though it looks like mass anarchy in the mud, there are some rules to this sport. They include placement of the gas tank and battery,  where can the vehicle be reinforced and most importantly no hitting on the drivers door.

Danielle Clark and her team, her fiance and future father-in-law, put months of work into Clarks first ever demo car. Though she didn't win her first derby, she says the experience was all worth it.

"It's scary when you go in their for your first time. Your nerves are going, you have the adrenaline pumping, but as soon as you here go your just down to the floor and go get as many hits as you can get. It's exhilarating."

After the dust settles and whats left of the cars are dragged out of the grandstand the next round of contestants eagerly drive in for the next round. Though the derby experience may only last for a few minutes, most say they can't wait to do it all again.

'I may be planning next year if I can keep [my car] around."

The demolition derby has been a annual event at the Benton County Fair since 1972.

Justin LaBounty WJON
Justin LaBounty WJON

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