WAITE PARK -- Four years after a fire destroyed the old Roosevelt Education Center, Quarryview Education Center is set to make its big public debut next week.

Built to house District 742's early and adult education needs, Quarryview is, in part, a replacement for the old Roosevelt Education Center. In all, programs that had been held at four different sites around the district have been consolidated into Quarryview.

The building features a lot of integrated technology instead of old-fashioned projectors and other equipment. Quarryview is set to hold well over 500 students over the course of the school year. The 68,000 square foot building cost $15-million to build.

The school features a lot of natural lighting, and secure entrances to help protect students and families.

They'll be holding a public grand opening next Wednesday from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

When Roosevelt Education Center was destroyed in a fire four years ago, the district was forced to move its early childhood education center to Colt's Academy in St. Joseph.

The old Roosevelt Education Center was rebuilt after the fire that destroyed the original building from 1920.

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