MINNEAPOLIS -- Have you ever wanted to pursue a career in pro wrestling? There's a school in St. Paul that can make that dream come true.

The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, while training to pursue a career in the professional wrestling business taught by former professionals.

Owners Ken Anderson (a.k.a. Mr. Kennedy) and Shawn Daivari (a.k.a. Sheik Abdul Bashir) have wrestled all over the world on some of the biggest stages such as Raw, and TNA. In addition to their expertise in and around the ring, they are also both Certified Personal Trainers.

Anderson says they created the academy to give back to the business by passing their knowledge to the next generation.

"We've always seen the way professional wrestling schools train their kids, and then a majority of them drop off. There is a ton of stuff to do in this industry and we want to help our students find that out for themselves," says Anderson.

The class teaches students everything from proper nutrition, personal training, how to conduct interviews, and developing contacts in the industry, all taught by a handful of former professional wrestlers.

Daivari says the academy is not just for men, they also encourage women to get involved and learn from former WWE Women's Champion Holly Molly.

"She came up to me when we started to kick the idea around and she was like I want to help out again, which is great for the girls who want this career," says Daivari.

The Academy runs about $1,000 per person, which includes on full year of training. The school is located at 2080 11th Avenue, St. Paul.

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