LITTLE FALLS -- There is a new species of animals coming to the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls.

The zoo will begin building their new North American River Otter exhibit this spring.

Marnita Van Hoecke is the Zoo Director and says the exhibit will have several cool features.

"The whole front of the exhibit will be glass so spectators can watch the otters train. We will even have two glass tunnels that kids, or adults, can crawl in and the otters will be able to swim right up to them."

Van Hoecke says the exhibit costs roughly $290,000 and is funded with the help of grants, and donations.

She adds they wouldn't be where they are without the outstanding community support over the last century.

"Like any business it really goes back to the people that visit in the community and we have phenomenal community support. We work with the city, we've got great staff and volunteers and I think some of it is being on the same page and staying positive."

Van Hoecke says the exhibit will house three otters and they hope to have it open by the end of the season. She adds the baby kangaroo exhibit will also be opened for the first time this summer, after bringing the animals to the zoo last season.

The Pine Grove Zoo is Minnesota's second oldest zoo opening back in 1913.

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