LITTLE FALLS -- There are some new faces ready to greet you at the Pine Grove Zoo in Little Falls.

The zoo recently opened their new North American River Otter exhibit.

Zoo Director Marnita Van Hoecke says they wanted to bring some unique features to the exhibit.

We have a glass tunnel that you can walk in and see the otters. The otters seem to really enjoy having the visitors there and they are always swimming around enjoying the people and having a good time.

The exhibit features three otters -- Ted, Dave, and Dewey, named after Deuces Wild.

The new attraction has been in the works for several years and made possible through grants and community donations.

Van Hoecke says along with the otters, they wanted to bring some educational pieces to the exhibit.

So we've hidden some things in the graphics so when you come you can actually look for the different items we have pertaining to their habitat and conservation pieces and where the otters live in the wild.

Van Hoecke says they are proud of the progress the zoo has made and strive to give the best experience to visitors now and in the future.

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