ST. CLOUD -- CentraCare Health officials are warning you of a recent phone scam.

The call appears to come from the St. Cloud Hospital, via a practice called "caller ID spoofing," where the scammer alters the caller ID.

During the cal, an automated system says the "St. Cloud Hospital Credit Card Company needs payment for a credit card limit that has been reached." The call then transfers you to a person who will request your credit card number.

CentraCare Marketing Specialist Ann Weismann says the calls are a scam and not associated with CentraCare Health. She adds while CentraCare's business office does call patients to help resolve payment questions, they do not use automated calling systems or identify as the "St. Cloud Hospital Credit Care Company."

The hospital first heard about the scam late last week. Anyone who doubts the legitimacy of a call can contact the CentraCare Health Business Office at 320-255-5622 or 800-835-6618.

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