ST. CLOUD- St. Cloud is one of five cities in the state that participated in a new pedestrian safety campaign (Tuesday) afternoon.

 Volunteers were stationed at the intersection Fifth Avenue South and Second Street South, the site where a 20-year-old woman was hit by a car while crossing the street the same day.

 Share the Road crossing ambassadors held banners providing safety tips for pedestrians as well as motorists. The volunteers also demonstrated how to properly follow the crosswalk law.

State Trooper Dan Orth says , "The biggest thing is just general awareness. We have so many distractions now with driving, the phones and everything else  you're trying to pay attention to,  a lot of times you just don't think about the basic things. We lose sight of those basic things, basic safety issues."

October is the deadliest month for pedestrians. The campaign hopes to bring awareness to the public through teaching safe crossing behaviors.

Crosswalk safety tips:

  • Make eye contact with drivers before walking in the crosswalk
  • Motorists should always be prepared to stop for pedestrians at every corner
  • Be aware of crosswalk markings