ST. CLOUD -- Parents of the St. Cloud Math and Science Academy are demanding a change in administration.

A large group of parents stood outside the school Monday protesting for the school board to make immediate internal changes, as they feel the staff is hindering their children's learning.

Mohamed Salat has three children in the charter school. He says there are several major concerns with the school, causing parents to lose faith in Principal Tammy Bengston and calling for her termination.

"The principal is not willing to discuss with the parents. There have been several parent concerns we want to discuss with her. It seems she tries to do things that are not acceptable to parents and students alike."

Other key issues include the unfair firing of Somali employees, poor relationship with parents, poor educational performances from their students and racial discrimination.

"Sometimes they call police on the kids. Often times when we are at home and send our kids to school we are thinking, what will happen today."

Bengston and School Board Chair Mary White did address the crowd, saying they would be open to talking with parents only, but could not invite other community members inside due to laws and regulations.

The group denied the request. White mentioned to the parents if they felt this strong about their issues, they could bring it before the school board.

"There is a board meeting on May 23rd. Anyone is welcome to come to that meeting. It will be posted at the school, let us know if you are coming so we can give you plenty of time."

After a short discussion, the issue remained unsolved and school officials returned inside. Bengston and White both declined for additional comment.

Salat says parents will continue to keep their children out of school until they are heard. He adds they also plan to attend the school board meeting on May 23rd at 4:30 p.m.

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