2020 was a challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic waging on.  2021 has also presented many challenges which includes the continuing pandemic, a drought, fires in Canada, the Taliban retaking Afghanistan with U.S. troops leaving, a job shortage and people driving faster on our roadways leading to more deaths in Minnesota.

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Is it all gloom and doom right now?  There are some other ways to look at things.  A COVID-19 vaccine has led to the return of many of our favorite activities like concerts and sporting events.  The drought hasn't been good for a large part of the summer but we did get a fair amount of rain last week.

As for people driving faster on our roadways.  We can only control what we can control.  Law enforcement will be looking for those running stops signs, stop lights and are driving too fast.  During today's 2-cent Tuesday program on WJON I fielded calls from listeners who expressed concern over a lack of COVID-19 vaccines for celebrities, some still want the right to not get the vaccine.  We also discussed the United State pulling troops out of Afghanistan.  A listener commented on people driving too fast saying this started during the pandemic and has continued into 2021 as we come out of the pandemic.  She didn't have a solution for this problem.

I agree that 2021 has been a challenging year but the bar for improvement is so low set by 2020.  I know that some with disagree with me taking a positive twists on our current challenges but I can't control such opinions.  I hope you have a great Tuesday.  Feel free to call What Up Wednesday tomorrow from 9:10-10 on WJON to discuss these topics or whatever is on your mind.

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