The Lincoln Center is a homeless shelter on the southeast side of St. Cloud.  They want to increase their overnight capacity limit.  Tonight the Zoning Board of Appeals will hear a request from Homeless Helping Homeless which runs the Lincoln Center on Lincoln Avenue to amend a Conditional Use Permit.  Learn more about this story here.

WJON listeners on 2-Cent Tuesday had opinions on how the homeless population should be handled in the community.  Longtime listener Lynn says "we have to have someplace for homeless people to stay."  She says "everybody can go through a bad stretch."  Lynn says she had a homeless person approach her at a Coborns Grocery store and tell her many homeless people sleep outside at Lake George.

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Another listener indicated she'd like to see additional staffing at homeless shelters to help work with the homeless individuals that are staying there.  Another listener thought working at a homeless shelter would be a good job for a retired person.  Yet another listener emailed indicating a suggestion for people to go online for Lincoln Center information.  This person says there’s a lot of statistical information that’s very informative there.  They say there is also over 15 other housing units available for homeless people in St. Cloud you just have to look up homeless and St Cloud and it will list all of them.  A listener last week on WJON suggested gathering up the homeless population here and relocate them at facilities outside the area.

If you'd like to hear some comments during today's program they are available below.




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