President Biden directed U.S. Military troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan and with that removal the Taliban has moved in and taken over leadership of the country.  Today on WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday the majority of our listeners feel it is a mistake to remove troops from Afghanistan.  Some listeners feel this tarnishes the efforts of those who fought to maintain peace in the area.

A few listeners expressed their displeasure with how Joe Biden has handled the situation and says military advisors weren't heard in this matter.  Biden's advisors have indicated they did not expect the Taliban to reemerge as quickly as they have.

WJON did have some listeners on the program today that supported the move saying it was time to remove troops from Afghanistan.  Five Presidents have had to deal with this war on terror in Afghanistan.  A listener felt former President Donald Trump would have handled this situation better.

Other topics discussed on 2-Cent Tuesday today included the continued battle with COVID-19.  Listeners appear split on the necessity to institute a mask mandate again in schools.  Some feel it isn't needed while others feel caution should be used.  A COVID-19 booster is likely to become available for those interested in better it soon.  Listeners did not weigh in on this new development.

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Feel free to listen to the 4-part 2-Cent Tuesday below.

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