ST. CLOUD -- It's been over a year since the Coborn Healing Center opened in the CentraCare Health Plaza and the feedback has been positive.

The facility serves as a place to enhance patient's lives as they go through their cancer journey.

Sonya Wieber is the Section Director for Oncology. She says as part of their accreditation the Commission on Cancer needs to tour their facility, and in their latest visit gave the facility a glowing review.

When I gave him the tour, he was very impressed not only with the space itself, but the different services we offer. You always wonder how you are doing compared to other programs and this was a nice validation

She says they continue to look at new programs, such as music therapy, and new partnerships like they recently did with St. Cloud State University.

We partnered with OBGYN and Pediatrics as well as one of our Medical Oncology Nurse Practitioners and we provided education on the importance of HPV vaccinations. We thought it would be a good idea to roll this out to St. Cloud State nursing students as they will be the ones to have that conversations with families in the primary care setting.

Weiber says it's still common to hear many people not knowing this facility exists and they are continuing educate the public on the services and support the Coborn Healing Center provides.

She adds the overall community and staff support has been overwhelming and they look forward to what the future holds.

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