ST. CLOUD -- A new dimension of patient care is coming to the CentraCare Health Plaza.

The Coborn Healing Center opens next Monday to serve as a place to enhance patient's lives as they go through their cancer journey.

Sonya Wieber is the Section Director for Oncology. She says while the construction has only been for a few months, the legwork began over a decade ago.

It was just the recognition that our patients had needs beyond their physical healing. We also need to attend to their whole well-being to include their mind, body and spirit.

Wieber says the 6,500 square-foot facility is an extension of the services provided by the Coborn Cancer Center to better support cancer patients and their families.

We wanted it to be a separate place yet have that relationship with the Coborn Cancer Center. Now our patients know that is where they go for treatment and this is where we can go for an additional level of care we've never had before.

Some of the new services provided include art therapy, one-on-one consultations, acupuncture, group fitness classes, support groups, an interactive kitchen and more.

Wieber says the overall community support and internal staff support has been welcoming, so much so former employees and current staff are wanting to get involved.

You can see the facility for yourself at an open house is scheduled for Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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