BECKER -- One of the largest metal recycling companies in the Midwest is relocating from its Minneapolis location to the city of Becker.

Xcel Energy and Northern Metal & Recycling have reached an agreement to build a new facility on an industrial site in Becker. Xcel Energy Senior Director of Corporate Economic Development, Dan Pfeiffer says Becker is good area for the metal recycling company to grow.

"This is a great opportunity for us to not only keep a good business in Minnesota but also help them relocate to a community where they can have their operation in an area that's maybe better suited for industrial development."

The move is expected to benefit the city of Becker. Pfeifffer says more jobs will be coming to the area along with adding to the tax base.

"It's good news for Becker, it brings 85 new jobs to the community, obviously it brings additional tax base to the area, and it puts them in a location where they're in with other industrial neighbors."

The 40-acre site is located near the Sherco Xcel Energy plant and will serve as Northern Metal's new recycling facility with an expansion anticipated at a later date. It's expected to begin operations in August 2019.

Northern Metal & Recycling has several locations across Minnesota, but have run out of space on their 12-acre site in Minneapolis.