ST. PAUL - A new exhibit opens this week at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. "Suburbia" explores what drew people to the suburbs in the first place.

We're kind of targeting that post war period when a lot of suburban growth happened within the Twin Cities, really from 1946 when servicemen started coming home into the 1960's.

Exhibit Developer Kate Roberts says you'll be able to learn about the changing styles of home building and interior design in suburban homes.

Roberts says part of the exhibit looks at the creation of the shopping mall.

I think a lot of people maybe don't realize Southdale Shopping Center in Edina is a landmark. It was the first enclosed climate-controlled mall. And, it was part of a scheme to really make a center of community life in a suburb.

The exhibit opens on Saturday and runs through March at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul.

Photo courtesy of the Minnesota History Center