ST. PAUL - Take a trip back to your childhood days with the new exhibit "Toys of the '50s, '60s, and '70's" at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul.

Spokesman Adam Scher says the toys are set-up in in three living rooms depicting each decade.

Scher says a lot of the toys have strong ties to Minnesota.  He says a Minneapolis inventor created the "Game of Cootie".

Twister, Tonka Toys, and Barrel of Monkeys are also Minnesota born toys.

The exhibit also includes a trivia game hosted by Maureen McCormick - Marsha - from the Brady Bunch.

Sample Questions:
1). "What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs?"
2). "In 1964 Tonka launched its Mighty line of bigger, beefier toys. What was the first Mighty truck offered?"
3). "In the 1958 novelty hit "The Chipmonk Song", what toy does Alvin repeatedly ask for?"