ST. PAUL -- Governor Tim Walz has indicated he wants a gas tax increase to help the state of Minnesota catch up with transportation projects in need of funding.

New Transportation Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher is a former House Speaker and has served a decade on the Transportation Policy and Transportation Finance Committees. She says the state legislature needs to come up with a sustainable and ongoing funding package for road and bridge projects and the gas tax hike is one way to accomplish that.

Anderson Kelliher says the state's road and bridges are aging faster than they can be replaced. She says a nickel increase in the gas tax won't be enough to make headway on those improvements, but rather only cover the existing debt and keep the state's transportation system above water.  She didn't say how much of an increase in the gas tax Governor Walz is considering.

The Transportation Commissioner admits a gas tax is more regressive than income tax, but she says right now, it is the most equitable way of making Minnesotans pay their fair share.

Anderson Kelliher replaces Charlie Zelle who served as MnDOT Commissioner under Governor Mark Dayton.