COLD SPRING - After a sometimes rough and bumpy 2014, Cold Spring has a new mayor ready to lead the city.

Bob Thelen took the oath of office on Tuesday night during the city council meeting. He previously served on the city council and defeated incumbent mayor Doug Schmitz in last November's election.

Thelen says there are many things he hopes to change in the city, including having better communication.

Last year, the city lost its joint powers agreement with Wakefield Township for Cold Spring police services. Thelen says he would like to try and re-establish the contract after Wakefield has their board election in a few months.

Thelen admits last year was bumpy for Cold Spring, including the long process of finding a new Police Chief. Chris Boucher is currently serving as Chief on a one year contract that will expire later this year. Thelen says he's been happy with Boucher's performance in the position.

Thelen adds that overall, he's happy with the city staff already in place.

Thelen is also ready to support improvements to the downtown area, so long as the downtown committee comes up with a specific and affordable plan.