ST. CLOUD -- There's light at the end of the tunnel for crews working on the new Tech High School.

Construction is about 90% completed throughout the building. Several big ticket items are almost finished.

Project Manager Kyle Walter says they've completed the main gym and this week will be taking down the scaffolding in the auditorium to finish that area.

They are painting on the walls right now. Then we got to get some carpet and seats in and a lot of the work in the back of the stage will take place after painting in the next couple weeks.

Walter says they are slowly moving out equipment as they wrap up different areas. He says they have already begun cleaning in the classroom sections.

We have to clean before we turn on the mechanical units to push air in the building. So we are focusing on the classroom areas to start getting air through and balancing the system.

This time of year the new school really showcases the natural light which was incorporated into the building, which Walter says district officials have noticed.

When we were taking staff through there was a lot of natural light in the classroom areas and even with the lights off you could still see.

Walter says they are on schedule with the construction to open this fall. He says starting next month they will begin getting truckloads of furniture, by July district staff will bring some items from the old school to the new location and school staff will finally move in by August.